What is MCB Mobile Banking?

MCB Mobile Banking is a Mobile Application which allows MCB customers to check their financial information anywhere, anytime (24/7) via their mobile devices, to make instant transfer to any account within MCB and other banking services within a safe and secure environment.

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Fees and Charges

Fee Description(MMK)
Registration Fee
Transfer MCB to MCB Account Fee
Transfer MCB MMK to MCB USD account or MCB USD to MCB MMK account Fee
Waived (but will be converted with MCB daily exchange rate)
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How To Apply

Download MCB Mobile Banking Application from Google Play Store or Apple Store or Huawei App Gallery register at the nearest MCB branch.
Any customer with an account at MCB can request for registration for MCB Mobile Banking Application. (Please just fill up application form with your details and pass to branch staff) *MCB reserves the right to introduce charges on mobile banking in the furture.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download and install MCB mobile banking app “ MCB mBanking ” directly from Google Play Store or Apple Store.Then visit any MCB branch,fill up application form with your details and pass to branch staff.

  • For existing customer, you just need to go to a nearest MCB branch, complete an application form with your latest personal information and provide a self-defined User ID.
  • For new customer, just go to nearest MCB branch,complete an application form with your latest personal information to open an account and provide a self-defined User ID.You will be registered for MCB Mobile Banking at the same time.

You can choose any name or word that you can easily remember which needs to contain minimum 6 to 12 maximum 12 alphanumeric and must contain at least one capital letter.

  • Once you are registered for MCB mobile banking, you will receive an 8 digit Activation Code via SMS.
  • Open your MCB mobile banking app and key in your self-defined User ID and then key in the 8 digit Activation Code you will receive via SMS.
  • You will then be prompted to create a 6 digit PIN and re-confirm the PIN by keying in the same PIN again on screen.
  • You will then be guided to the Login Page where your User ID will be shown.  Key in your 6 digit PIN and you will be able to access to your accounts in  MCB mobile banking.

Yes, you need to have internet connection to use mobile banking.

Yes, you can use MCB mobile banking from anywhere in Myanmar or overseas wherever there is an internet connection.

  • Save your time and cost of travelling
  • Fast, convenient and secure way to bank

You can access all your MCB deposits and loan account in MCB mobile banking.

You can search up to last 90 days of your accounts transactions.

After you made a fund transfer, the application will display the status on screen and you will also receive a SMS notification. Another option is to view your transaction in recent transaction lists or search transaction records.

  • iPhone and iPad: iOS version 9 and above
  • Android phone or tablet: Android version 5.0 and above

You can call MCB Hotline No: +95 12399663 and our helpdesk team will support you to activate your new device.

For the Joint Accounts types ‘Both need to sign‘, you will be able to view transactions only and for ‘Either need to sign‘ you will able to view and make fund transfer transactions as well.

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