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No.Branch NameAddressTownshipRegion/StatePhoneFax
1Aung Lan BranchNo. (186/878), Pyay Road, Sanchaung Quarter, Aung Lan, MagwayMagwayMagway069-201529069-201530, 1
2Bago BranchNo. (11), Min Lann Road, Zineganine (North) Quarter, Bago.Nyaung Lay Pin TspBago052-2201884052-2201885,6
3Bayint Naung BranchNo.(Nya-52/B), Yuzana Street, Bayint Naung Market, Mayangone Township, YangonMayan Gone TspYangon01-3683326,3968876001-683326
4Bayint Naung Mini BranchNo. (B/81-82),Between Kyun Shwe Wah St &Khayae St, Kantkaw Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon.Mayan Gone TspYangon01-3528990,352898901-3528990,3528989
5Bo Aung Kyaw BranchNo.(285), Bo Aung Kyaw Road,Kyauktada Township,YangonKyauktadaYangon01-8398362, 839837401-8398362, 8398374
6Dawpon BranchRoom No. (240), Level (2),Capital Hyper Market, Min Nandar Road, Bamaraye Quarter, Dawpon Township, Yangon.Dawbon TspYangon01-55174401-551744
7Khayan BranchNo(363),Kyauk Tie Road,(3)Quarter, Khayan Township, Yangon.Khayan TspYangon056 30051, 056 30159, 056 30682056 30051, 056 30159, 056 30682
8Kyauktada Branch 2 No. (383), Mahar Badula Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.KyauktadaYangon01 8386018,01 838601901 8386018,01 8386019
9Kyauktada Head OfficeNo.(256/260), Sule Pagoda Road,Kyauktada Township, YangonKyauktadaYangon01-255859,255587,25579701-255932
10Kyi Myin Taing BranchNo(526), Ground floor,Lower Kyi Myin Taing Road,Kyi Myin Taing Township,YangonKyeemyindine TspYangon01-508336, 801-508336, 8
11Lashio BranchBuilding.(3), Room.(1/2), Theikdi Street, 8th Quarter, Lashio, Northern Shan State.LashioShan082-2931016, 2930734, 2930466082-2930466
12Latha BranchNo. (444), Corner of 17th & Strand Road, Latha Township, Yangon.Latha TspYangon01-211724,01-230318101-2303181
13Magway BranchNo.(56), Pyi Taw Thar Road, Yan Pal Quarter, MagwayMagwayMagway063-2028807063-2028808, 9
14Mandalay Branch (1)No. (22), BL (604),Corner of 27th Street & 81st Street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay02-4035942, 302-4035942, 02-4060162
15Mandalay Branch (2)Bl. (721), Corner of 73th Street & 27th Street,Seiktayamahi Ward, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay02-4033301, 4069258, 406925902-4069258, 9
16Mandalay Branch (4)Bl.(645), No.(305), 80th street,Corner of 35th st & 36th st, Hayma Marlar Ward, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, MandalayMahar Aung Myay TspMandalay02-4030279, 4030280
17Mandalay Branch (5)No.(Ta/4-31),62nd street, Between Ngu Pyar st & Thazin st, Myo Thit (1) ward, Chan Mya Thar Zi Township, Mandalay .Chan Mya Thar Si TspMandalay02-2846179, 02-2848180
18Mandalay Branch (6)No.(24), (26-B) street, Between 86th st & 87th Sts, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, MandalayAungmyaytharzan TspMandalay02-4030373,4066421, 4066422
19Mandalay Branch (7)No.(442),80th street, Between 27th st & 28th st, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay .Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay02-4030277,8
20Mandalay Branch(3)No. (25), Pyay Gyi Mingalar Bus Compound,North East of Swel Taw Pagoda,Amarapura Township, Mandalay.Amarapura TspMandalay02-5155173, 4
21Mawlamyine BranchNo.236, Lower Main Road,Shwe Taung Quarter,Mawlamyine.MawlamyineMon057-2014454057-2027282
22Monywa BranchNo.(27), Thar Si Road, Daw-Na Chan Quarter, Monywa, SagaingMonywa TspSagaing071-26223, 071-24207, 071-24208071-24207,8
23Muse Branch(2)No. (AA 27/Ka), Bawga Street, Muse 105-Mile Trade Zone, Mine Yu Village, Muse, Northern Shan State.MuseShan082-55229, 55230, 55231, 55232082-55229, 55230, 55231, 55232
24Myaung Mya BranchNo. (87), Corner of U Ba Cho Street & 5th Street , 4th Quarter, Myaung MyaMyaung MyaAyeyarwady042-71452, 71349042-71349, 71452
25Myawaddy BranchNo(106),4 Quarter, East Gate of Shwe Myin Won Pagoda ,Corner of Dardu Kalayar,Bayint Naung Main Road,Myawaddy Township, Kayin State.MyawaddyKayin058 51463,05851462
26Myeik BranchNo. (92), Bogyoke Road, Seik Nge Ward, MyeikMyeikTanintaryi059-41358,42911059-41358,42911
27Myin Chan BranchNo. (24), 12th Street, 8th Quarter, Myinchan, MandalayMyinchanMandalay066 -2022883, 4066-2022883
28Myitkyina BranchRoom(4/5),Thakhinnetpe Street, Myoma Quarter, Ward No (4), Myitkyina, Kachin State.Kachin State074 2526630,074 2526640074 2526630,074 2526640
29Nay Pyi Taw (Myo Ma Zay branch)U-29/ Pwal Yone Tan, Myo Ma Zay, Zabu Thiri Township, Nay Pyi TawZabu ThiriNaypyitaw067-3420759,067-3420760067-3420760
30Nay Pyi Taw BranchNo.(6), Thiri Yadanar Market Street, Zabu Thiri Township, Nay Pyi TawZabu ThiriNaypyitaw067-421983, 067-421818067-421818
31North Okkalapa BranchNo. (545/Ka), Wai Pon La Street, Khaymarthi Road, Ga Gyi Ward, North Oakkalapa Township, Yangon.North OakkalaYangon01-9691349, 969159401-9691349, 9691594
32Pabedan Mini BranchNo. (228/240), Ministry of Commerce, Strand Road, Pabedan Township,YangonPabedan TspYangon01-391549,01-39155001-391550
33Pakokku BranchNo. (59), Coner of Myo Ma Street And Kutheinnaryone Street, 8th Quarter, Pakokku, MagwayPakokkuMagway062-24037, 8062-24037, 8
34Pathein BranchNo. (32), Merchant Road, 4th Quarter, PatheinPathein TspAyeyarwady042-23991, 2042-23991, 2
35Pazundaung BranchNo. (31/33 A), Near 56th Street,Anawrahtar Road,Pazundaung Township, YangonPazuntaung TspYangon01-9010853, 4, 501-9010854
36Pyay BranchNo. (105), Corner of Lanmadaw St & Hti Su Street, Kyaung Gyi Oh Tan Ward, PyayPyayBago053-26128, 053-24600053-26128, 053-24600
37San Chaung BranchTwin Centro Condo,Shop(1),Ground floor,1st,2nd,3rd floor shop,Baho Road,San Chaung Township,YangonSanchaungYangon01-532537,38,39,40,4101-532537,38,39,40,41
38Saw Bwar Gyi Gone BranchNo.(919), 10th mile, Pyay Road, Saw Bwar Gyi Gone, Insein Township, YangonInsein TspYangon01-3644147, 3644425, 364491101-3644147, 3644425, 3644911
39Shwe Bo BranchNo.(2) Quarter, Yan Gyi Aung Road, Kyone Taw Twin Ward, Shwe Bo, SagaingShwe BoSagaing075-22961,22918075-22961
40Sittway BranchNo. (44), Merchant Road, Mawlate Ward,SittwaySittweRakhine043-22038043-22039
41South Okkalapa BranchNo.303, Ground Floor, 12 Quarter,Yadanar Road,South Okkalapa Tsp,Yangon.South OakkalaYangon01 3551538/1901 3551538/19
42Tarchileik BranchNo.(1/155),Aung Chan Thar Condo,Bo Gyoke Street,San Sai (Kha) Quarter,Tarchileik Township,Shan State.Shan084 52329,084 52370084 52329,084 52370
43Taunggyi BranchNo.(208), Yay Htwet Oo Road, Kan Shae Quarter, Taunggyi, Southern Shan State.TaunggyiShan081-2125770081-2125770
44Taze BranchMyittar Myaing Quartar,Tant Sel, Shwe Bo District, Sagaing Division.Shwe BoSagaing075-49707,9075-49708
45Yaesakyo BranchNo. (2), Bogyoke Road, Seik Ta Thu Kha Ward, Yaeaskyo, MagwayYasagyo TspMagway062-30475, 062-30476 ,062-30509062-30475, 062-30476 ,062-30509
46Yay Kyaw BranchNo.(51), Yay Kyaw Road,7th Quarter, Pazuntaung Township,YangonPazuntaung TspYangon01-202822, 301-202822, 3
47Zee Gone BranchNo.(132), Bo Gyoke Ayng San Road,Yan Gyi Aung Quarter, Kantbalu Township, Zee Gone, SagaingSagaingSagaing075-49600, 075-49321075-49600, 075-49321

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Designed as a futuristic retail space,our store-like character now allows you to avail all our products and services.


You can experience open space banking which lets us engage better with you and build a transparent and rewarding experience.

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Open design allows our bank to assist you with any product and transactions, whenever you need it.

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