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No.Branch NameAddressTownshipRegion/StatePhoneStatus
1Aung Lan BranchNo. (186/878), Pyay Road, Sanchaung Quarter, Aung Lan, MagwayMagwayMagway069-201529, 09-457495287Active
2Bago BranchNo. (11), Min Lann Road, Zineganine (North) Quarter, Bago.Bago052-2201884, 09-955865844Active
3Bayint Naung BranchNo.(Nya-52/B), Yuzana Street, Bayint Naung Market, Mayangone Township, YangonMayan Gone TspYangon01-3683326, 39688760, 09442638727Active
4Bayint Naung Mini BranchNo. (B/81-82),Between Kyun Shwe Wah St &Khayae St, Kantkaw Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon.Mayan Gone TspYangon01-3528990, 09457495261Active
5Bo Aung Kyaw BranchNo.(285), Bo Aung Kyaw Road,Kyauktada Township,YangonKyauktadaYangon01-8398362, 01-8398374, 09-457495276Active
6Dawpon BranchRoom No. (240), Level (2),Capital Hyper Market, Min Nandar Road, Bamaraye Quarter, Dawpon Township, Yangon.Dawbon TspYangon01-551744, 09-442638728Active
7Hinthada BranchOo Paing No. 101, No. 49, Natmao Road, Garden North Ward, Hinthada CityAyeyarwady0442022868, 0442022869, 09-457495265Active
8Kabaraye BranchNo(126/A), Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Sayarsan Ward, Bahan Township, YangonBahan TspYangon01-9544330, 01-9544766, 09-457495283Active
9Kamarkyi BranchNo.12, Corner of Thanthumar Road and Kamarkyi Road, New Yangon Ward, Thingangyun Township, Yangon.Thingangyun TspYangon01 7578213, 01 7579240, 09-457495282Active
10Khayan BranchNo(363),Kyauk Tie Road,(3)Quarter, Khayan Township, Yangon.Khayan TspYangon 056 30159, 056 30682, 09-457495279Active
11Kyauk Pa Daung BranchNo-(207/1109 , Yangon-Pyi-Mandalay Road, Sanpya Qt, KyaukPaDaung Tsp, NyaungU District, Mandalay.Kyauk PaDaung TSPMandalay061-2250678Active
12Kyauk Se BranchBLK No-17 Holding No-(6-ka) Kan Oo Yat. Sugyi YathKwet Kyauk Se Township, Mandalay Region.Kyauk Se TownMandalay09-960003733, 09-447307588, 09-444460083, 066-2050627, 066-2050629Active
13Kyauktada Branch 1No(256/260) Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada TownshipKyauktadaYangon01-8255944, 01-8255587, 01-8255971, 09-457495258Active
14Kyauktada Head OfficeNo.383,Maharbandoola Road, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon.KyauktadaYangon01-8386018, 01-8386019(Ext-108)Active
15Kyi Myin Taing BranchNo(526), Ground floor,Lower Kyi Myin Taing Road,Kyi Myin Taing Township,YangonKyeemyindine TspYangon01-508336, 01-508338, 09-457495274Active
16Kywese Kan BranchNo. (Y/9), Ownership No.(5), old Yangon-Mandalay Road Chan Mya Thar Ward, Pyi Gyi Takhon Township, Mandalay.Pyay Gyee TaKyon TspMandalay024030279, 024030280Active
17Lashio BranchBuilding.(3), Room.(1/2), Theikdi Street, 8th Quarter, Lashio, Northern Shan State.LashioShan082-2931016, 2930734, 2930466, 09-442638736Active
18Latha BranchNo. (444), Corner of 17th & Strand Road, Latha Township, Yangon.Latha TspYangon01-211724, 01-2303181Active
19Magway BranchNo.(56), Pyi Taw Thar Road, Yan Pal Quarter, MagwayMagwayMagway063-2028807, 09-884235912Active
20Mandalay Branch (1)No. (22), BL (604),Corner of 27th Street & 81st Street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay02-4035942, 3, 09-457495267Active
21Mandalay Branch (2)Bl. (721), Corner of 73th Street & 27th Street,Seiktayamahi Ward, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay02-4033301, 4069258, 4069259, 09-457495268Active
22Mandalay Branch (5)No-(Ta/4-31), 62nd Street, Between 103 st & 103A st, Chanmyathazi, Mandalay.Chan Mya Thar Si TspMandalay02-2846179, 02-2848180, 09-442638732Active
23Mandalay Branch (6)No.(24), (26-B) street, Between 86th st & 87th Sts, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township, MandalayAungmyaytharzan TspMandalay02-4030373, 4066421, 4066422, 09-457495269Active
24Mandalay Branch (7)No.(442),80th street, Between 27th st & 28th st, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay .Chan Aye Thar Zan TspMandalay02-4030277, 8, 09-457495270Active
25Mandalay Branch(3)No. (25), Pyay Gyi Mingalar Bus Compound,North East of Swel Taw Pagoda,Amarapura Township, Mandalay.Amarapura TspMandalay02-5155173, 4, 09-442638731Active
26Mawlamyine BranchNo.236, Lower Main Road,Shwe Taung Quarter,Mawlamyine.MawlamyineMon057-2024454, 057-2027782, 09-457495280Active
27Monywa BranchNo.(27), Thar Si Road, Daw-Na Chan Quarter, Monywa, SagaingMonywa TspSagaing071-26223, 071-24207, 071-24208, 09-457495272Active
28Muse Branch(2)Ka Ma Ta (25),Pyi Daung Su Road, Muse, Northern Shan State.MuseShan082-2950874, 09-442638737Active
29Myaung Mya BranchNo. (87), Corner of U Ba Cho Street & 5th Street , 4th Quarter, Myaung MyaMyaung MyaAyeyarwady042-71452, 71349, 09-457495263Active
30Myawaddy BranchNo(106),4 Quarter, East Gate of Shwe Myin Won Pagoda ,Corner of Dardu Kalayar,Bayint Naung Main Road,Myawaddy Township, Kayin State.MyawaddyKayin058-2051462, 058-2051463Active
31Myeik BranchNo. (92), Bogyoke Road, Seik Nge Ward, MyeikMyeikTanintaryi059-41358,42911, 09-457495262Active
32Myin Chan BranchNo. (24), 12th Street, 8th Quarter, Myinchan, MandalayMyinchanMandalay066 -2022883, 4, 09-457495285Active
33Myitkyina BranchRoom(4/5),Thakhinnetpe Street, Myoma Quarter, Ward No (4), Myitkyina, Kachin State.Kachin State074-2526630, 074-2526640, 09-457495271Active
34Nay Pyi Taw (Myo Ma Zay branch)U-29/ Pwal Yone Tan, Myo Ma Zay, Zabu Thiri Township, Nay Pyi TawZabu ThiriNaypyitaw067-3420759, 067-3420760, 09-442638733Active
35Nay Pyi Taw BranchNo.(6), Thiri Yadanar Market Street, Zabu Thiri Township, Nay Pyi TawZabu ThiriNaypyitaw067-421983, 067-421818, 09-457495284Active
36North Okkalapa BranchNo. (545/Ka), Wai Pon La Street, Khaymarthi Road, Ga Gyi Ward, North Oakkalapa Township, Yangon.North OakkalaYangon01- 9691594Active
37Nyaung Lay Pin BranchNo(18), U Paing No(B/46), Mandalay Street, Zabuuaung qtr, Myo Ma (4), Nyaung Lay Pin Township, Bago Region.Nyaung Lay Pin TspBago05-22750450, 09-442638727Active
38Pabedan Mini BranchNo. (228/240), Ministry of Commerce, Strand Road, Pabedan Township,YangonPabedan TspYangon01-391550, 01-391549, 09-457495256Active
39Pakokku BranchNo. (59), Coner of Myo Ma Street And Kutheinnaryone Street, 8th Quarter, Pakokku, MagwayPakokkuMagway062-24037, 8, 09-442638730Active
40Pathein BranchNo. (32), Merchant Road, 4th Quarter, PatheinPathein TspAyeyarwady042-23991, 2, 09-442638735Active
41Pazundaung BranchNo. (31/33 A), Near 56th Street,Anawrahtar Road,Pazundaung Township, YangonPazuntaung TspYangon01-9010853, 01-9010854, 01-202292, 09-442638729Active
42Pya Pon BranchNo(102), corner of Street (2) & Shwe Nat Ku Phayar Road, Ward (4), Pyapon, Ayeyarwaddy RegionAyeyarwady04541455, 09-457495264Active
43Pyay BranchNo. (105), Corner of Lanmadaw St & Hti Su Street, Kyaung Gyi Oh Tan Ward, PyayPyayBago053-26128, 053-24600, 09-884235909Active
44Pyin Oo Lwin BranchOo Paing No. 64, Room No.1 (Ground Floor), Mandalay Lashio Highway Road, 16 Road Top (13/2) Ward, Pyin Oo Lwin City.Mandalay085 2029952, 0852029953Active
45San Chaung BranchTwin Centro Condo,Shop(1),Ground floor,1st,2nd,3rd floor shop,Baho Road,San Chaung Township,YangonSanchaungYangon01-7532538, 01-7532539, 01-7532541, 09-457495275Active
46Saw Bwar Gyi Gone BranchNo.(919), 10th mile, Pyay Road, Saw Bwar Gyi Gone, Insein Township, YangonInsein TspYangon01 3644425, 01 3644911, 09-457495278Active
47Shwe Bo BranchNo.(2) Quarter, Yan Gyi Aung Road, Kyone Taw Twin Ward, Shwe Bo, SagaingShwe BoSagaing075-22961,22918, 09-442638734Active
48Sittway BranchNo. (44), Merchant Road, Mawlate Ward,SittwaySittweRakhine043-22038, 09-442638738Temporary Close
49South Okkalapa BranchNo.304, Ground Floor, 12 Quarter,Yadanar Road,South Okkalapa Tsp,Yangon.South OakkalaYangon01 3551538/19, 09-457495273Active
50Tarchileik BranchNo.(1/155),Aung Chan Thar Condo,Bo Gyoke Street,San Sai (Kha) Quarter,Tarchileik Township,Shan State.Shan084 2052329, 084 2052370, 09-884235913Active
51Taunggyi BranchNo.(208), Yay Htwet Oo Road, Kan Shae Quarter, Taunggyi, Southern Shan State.TaunggyiShan081-2125770, 09-884235910Active
52Taungoo BranchBlock (19/A), No. (B/17), Yone Gyi Kwat ,Yangon - Mandalay Old Road, 19 Ward , Taungoo ,Bago Region.TaungooBago054 2823948, 2824094Active
53Thin Gan Gyun BranchNo.(71), Four Corners Road, Four Corners Ward, Thingangyun Township, Yangon Region.Thingangyun TspYangon01-3569729, 01-3565829, 09-409666220Active
54Yaesakyo BranchNo. (2), Bogyoke Road, Seik Ta Thu Kha Ward, Yaeaskyo, MagwayYasagyo TspMagway062-30475, 062-30476, 062-30509, 09-457495286Active
55Yay Kyaw BranchNo.(51), Yay Kyaw Road,7th Quarter, Pazuntaung Township,YangonPazuntaung TspYangon01-202822, 01-202823Active

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