Bhesh Raj Khatiwada

Chief Executive Officer

CEO's Message

A Warm Greeting to all Stakeholders!

Thank you for visiting our website. Our website is not merely a platform to provide information about the Bank. Instead, we intend to develop our website as an interactive platform, where our visitors can find all types of information about the Bank, its key Owners, Board of Directors, Management Team, Bank’s financials, Bank’s Branches, ATMs and Digital Channels, Products and Services etc. Further to the traditional information, we are under process of developing our website to initiate account opening, loan application and initiate other services as well in full fledge.

We believe that the Banks stands on public trust. Public trust can be earned only if operated within the directives issued by the regulators, laws of the country and the prudential norms prescribed by the international banking agencies such as Bank for international Settlement – BIS. We are committed to operate with zero tolerance policy on compliance matters and also follow the prudential norms.
We are committed to provide complete range of financial solutions to all categories of the customers, whether deposits or loans, individual or corporates, existing businesses or new projects, digital or physical with seamless service delivery at competitive terms. We are shaping our activities keeping the objective to become ‘Preferred Bank of the Customers’.

We invite you to visit our branches and feel the difference on banking services provided by our highly committed colleagues. If you are seeking opportunity for Banking career, MCB offers the best career opportunities to young talents to grow together.

Going forward, we aspire to grow collectively for many years with your constant trust and solidarity.

Thank you,

Our Profile

Who We Are

MCB Company Registration No. (274/1991-92) granted On 30.10.1991. Banking License no. Ma Ba Ba/ J (i) -1(5) 1992 granted by Central Bank of Myanmar on 25th of May 1992.

MCB started its business on 02.06.1992 at No. 383, Maharbandoola Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon. The bank have got the license with the registration number, MaBaBa/ PaBa (R), dated 01-08-2016, grated by Central Bank of Myanmar. Accordance with the law of Financial Institutions, number (176). Authorized Capital of Myanmar Citizens Bank Ltd is 75 Billion Kyats and our Paid up Capital is 52 Billion Kyats.

MCB was granted the Foreign Exchange Authorized Dealer License by the CBM on 17-8-2012 and became a member of the Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) on 5 January 2013

By connecting with correspondent banks, MCB is currently providing Foreign Currency Current account opening Export/Import Settlements, Cash disbursement, Bank Guarantee, Account transfers and foreign Exchange Market activities to our customers.

MCB was granted the money changer license on 24 October 2011 and it has opened money changer counters at Kyauktada Branch, Muse Branch, Mandalay Branch and Dawpon Mini Branch.

MCB has offered the Acquiring services for Visa, Master Card since 2014 and issued “Citizens card”, branded of Master Card.

MCB listed on Yangon Stock Exchange on 26 August 2016, trades shares.

Our Vision

“To become a strong, stable, sustainable, ethical and innovative bank which creates value for all stakeholders by harnessing and contributing to the progress of Myanmar”

Our Mission