Executive Management Committee

Myanmar Citizens Bank

The Executive Management Committee is the committee that is responsible for leading the Bank’s business strategies, policies, and procedures in accordance with the Bank’s objectives, implementing, upgrading, and leading the Bank’s reform process to achieve its goals.In addition, the Executive Management Committee has been managing to providing better services to the public by training our employees to become qualified Professional Bankers for banking business services in accordance with Road Map for the next step set by the bank.

Mr. Bhesh Raj Khatiwada
Mr. Bhesh Raj Khatiwada Acting Chief Executive Officer
Daw Cho Cho Aye
Daw Cho Cho Aye Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer
U Min Oo
U Min Oo Head of Human Resource and General Service
Roman Pradhanang
Roman Pradhanang Head of IT
Daw Khin Chaw Su Win
Daw Khin Chaw Su Win Acting Chief Financial Officer
Daw Thiri Myat Phyu Phyu
Daw Thiri Myat Phyu Phyu Head of Consumer Banking
Daw May Thet Kyin
Daw May Thet Kyin Head of Credit Underwriting & Control
U Soe Wai Naung
U Soe Wai Naung Head of Integrated Risk
Daw Myo Pa Pa Myo
Daw Myo Pa Pa Myo Head of Operation