Green Financing SME

Green Financing SME, our new fast and flexible credits up to MMK 500 million and 60 months with lower requirements of collateral is available at our MCB, one of the first banks in Myanmar. With these credits you can:

  • Improve your business by using the credit as working capital,
  • Improve your production with new machines, vehicles, and equipment with our longer term investment loans
  • Upgrade your facilities or build new ones to stay competitive with our flexible Product ‘Green Financing for SMEs’
  • Make developments, reduce wastes and perform cost-effective activities in the business to have lower impact on the environment.

MCB Green Financing Service

Our bank shall provide free consulting and advisory services on the followings as a part of the green financing project for SMEs in Myanmar in accord with the rules and regulations of the government. Waste Water Management, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Process Equipment Upgrade, Material Savings Management.

We have partnered with many Suppliers and Experts who can deliver reliable equipment and professionally install this at the clients’ premises for both your equipment that you need in your production and for Green Investments such as: waste water treatment plants, solar panels, biomass gasifiers, boilers, energy efficient lighting, motors, air compression and air conditioning and ventilation and more.

Terms & Conditions

The Entrepreneur/Company must have operated for a minimum of 12 months.

Grace periods are possible based on the business objective.

Interest shall be paid on monthly basis and principal repayment can be made by quarterly or semi-annually installments based on the cash flows of the business. Interest rate is 8.5% pa + CGI (for insufficient collateral).

(Lower interest rate on the remaining debt and opportunities to setup technical solutions needed for your business)


For opening a new account you need:

NRC (copy)

Tax registration

Company Statute

Cardboard signature Depot

Financial reports for the past 2 years

Loan Process

Customer makes contact with the bank.

Bank makes brief analysis on project size and investment plan and contacts the client if he/she is possible.

Responsible person from the bank visit the client and make more analysis.

Bank processes credit application and approves the credit.

Collaterals are registered at the bank and the bank grants the loan.

Client starts the investments with granted loan.

Bank monitors the performance of investment.

Client makes repayment and applies for new loan if needed.

Eligible Customers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Companies

Interest Rates

Nominal interest rate of   1.083%   per month on remaining debt.


We’ll be more than happy to answer any concern you may have.


We’ll be more than happy to answer any concern you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outbound Remittance, by allowing maximum of USD 3000 per person.
Nominal interest rate of 1.083% per month on remaining debt.

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